Stephen D. Hursting, PhD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 06/29/2021
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Hursting:  Biographical Summary


Dr. Stephen Hursting is the AICR/WCRF Distinguished Professor in the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill.  He is also the Director of the UNC Nutrition Research Institute and member of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer CenterHe earned his PhD in nutritional biochemistry and MPH in nutritional epidemiology from UNC-Chapel Hill, and he completed postdoctoral training in molecular carcinogenesis and cancer prevention at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).  Prior to joining the UNC faculty in 2014, Dr. Hursting was Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, the McKean-Love Endowed Chair of Nutritional, Molecular and Cellular Sciences in the UT College of Natural Sciences, and Professor of Molecular Carcinogenesis at the UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center (2005-14).  He also previously served as Chief of the NCI’s Nutrition and Molecular Carcinogenesis Laboratory Section and Deputy Director of the NCI’s Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (1999-2005).  His research interests center on precision nutrition as applied to cancer prevention, particularly the molecular and metabolic mechanisms underlying obesity- cancer associations, and the interplay between obesity, metabolism, host genetics and cancer. Primarily using preclinical models (including human and mouse cell lines and organoids, genetically engineered mouse models of cancer, and genetically heterogeneous Collaborative Cross mice) in parallel with human studies, his lab is currently focusing on the molecular and metabolic changes occurring in response to lifestyle-based (dietary and physical activity); surgical (bariatric surgery), or pharmacologic manipulation of energy metabolism and cell signaling pathways