Samuel E Neher, EdD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 12/14/2021

Samuel E. Neher, MS, EdD, is Assistant Professor, Educational Programs Associate, and Co-Director of Educational Scholarship at McGovern Medical School a part of UTHealth. In these roles, Dr. Neher focuses on accreditation, conducting educational scholarship, and teaches how to conduct educational scholarship, how to teach effectively, and leadership development. Additionally, he serves on committees at the school, university, and nationally. Dr. Neher has focused his career in higher education and has worked at several universities and collaborated with colleges and universities across Texas and internationally. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University working in the developmental psychology research lab of Linda B. Smith, PhD. He earned his Master of Science degree from Indiana University where he began his college teaching experience under the supervision of Trent Applegate, HSD. Later, Dr. Neher earned his Doctor of Education degree from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. His dissertation focused on the effectiveness of higher education in the United States prison system. His research interest focuses on examining the effectiveness of educational programs.