Jaclyn L Albin, MD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 01/03/2022

Dr. Jaclyn Lewis Albin co-launched UT Southwestern’s Culinary Medicine Program and serves as its Director, working to teach nutrition through hands-on cooking classes to students, health care professionals, and the community. She is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and practices primary care across the lifespan. She also serves as the founding Associate Program Director for the combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program.  


Dr. Albin is a certified culinary medicine specialist (CCMS) and is also board certified in lifestyle medicine (DipABLM). She serves on the national advisory board for the CCMS program and studies the impact of culinary medicine classes in medical education and patient care. She is passionate about nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental influences on health, and she seeks to drive positive change at a population health level. Dr. Albin believes food as medicine delivers a unique opportunity to integrate the clinical, educational, and research aspects of this work through the training of future health care professionals, delivery of innovative patient support in lifestyle behavior change, and high-quality research that uplifts the health of communities.